The quality of Plenilia products

Thanks to its temperate climate and a variegated territory, the hilly area around the city of Pianella  is particularly fit for the production of excellent quality oils.

Hence the production of a great variety of Extra virgin oils, all of them characterised by different aromas and flavouring. Just to mention some:

The Extra virgin Olive Oil “Re”, Classical and Traced, with its unique and intense taste, the Extra virgin oil S. Lucia, soft and delicate flavoured, and finally the Extra virgin Olive Oil Aprutino Pescarese P.D.O., with a slight fruity taste matching the high quality of Plenilia oil with the certified quality by the Pescara Chamber of Commerce.

Last but not least, the hot pepper, lemon and rosemary flavoured Oils, produced by using only the Plenilia Extra virgin Oil and local products.

The more and more precious and refined oil production makes Plenilia Farmers Cooperative a 360° business in Abruzzo, Italy and Europe.