Plenilia Products

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    The Extra virgin Olive Oil “RE” is obtained by olives cultivated in the city of Pianella, in the province of Pescara. Thanks to its temperate climate and a variegated territory, the hilly area around the city of Pianella  is particularly fit for the production of excellent quality oils. The Vestina area, also boasting the Aprutino-Pescarese P.D.O. , has indeed a particular vocation for the production of a fruity oil extracted from fresh and ripe olives.

    After the traditional picking, the olive processing starts with their defoliating and washing, thus ensuring a better quality of the product, and ends with the oil storage inside big, buried tanks which guarantee an excellent preservation of the product.

    Our oil is a slightly fruity Extra virgin olive oil, intact in its organoleptic quality. This oil comes uniquely from the olive groves belonging to the cooperative’s partners and it is absolutely never mixed with other products.