Plenilia Farmers Cooperative

Founded in 1961 by a group of farmers, Plenilia boasts the participation of 250 partners, tenant farmers or owners of oil companies mainly located within the city of Pianella. The area of production is set between the hills of Pescara and the Vestina area, with several hectares of oil-growing land.

Through the centuries we were able to develop a refined “rural knowledge” in this field, and to select some varieties, among which the Dritta whose best representativeness can be found in the city of Pianella and in nearby areas and, to a lesser degree, the Leccino. Characterised by the brand “Olio Re”, Plenilia oil is exclusively Extra Virgin Olive Oil (P.D.O. Aprutino Pescarese, traced and flavoured),  obtained with  the most advanced technologies and modern looping systems allowing a quality production with maximum security. The quality, authenticity and healthiness of “Plenilia products” are guaranteed by a self-monitoring plan always carried out by the firm.

After the traditional picking, the olives processing starts with their defoliating and washing, thus ensuring a better quality of the product, and it ends with the oil storage inside big, buried tanks which guarantee an excellent preservation, being far from the light and from any sources of heat.

With passion and experience Plenilia partners look after their olive groves, assisted by a technical staff whose precious advice allow a better organization of all production phases: from olive groves constant monitoring to the picking and the delivery in the oil mill, from the processing to the bottling.

It is worth remembering that Plenilia Farmers Cooperative is also known for the production of hot pepper, lemon and rosemary flavoured oils. That is why our goal is to guarantee a good and healthy product, because to us it’s “Quality that matters”.